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Participants apply The Complete Approach® Methodology to enhance one's presence through how they prepare for, deliver and sustain their formal presentations to internal and external audiences enabling them to be well-organized, audience-focused, confident and compelling presenters.


As a result of participating in the Strategic Presentations program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an intentional brand to establish accurate impressions and perceptions
  • Incorporate a set of strategic communication principles that support all business communications
  • Utilize a planning process that helps assess audiences and frames & formats communications to create audience-focused, consistent, explicit and engaging presentations
  • Develop and use visual support to communicate ideas and maximize impact
  • Incorporate critical vocal and visual behaviors that support Intentional Brand, audience perceptions and authentic communications
  • Develop questions to stimulate interactions that create conversations, clarify understanding and promote audience participation


  • One or Two-day instructor-led program based on # of participants; in-person only
  • Interactive discussions and individual exercises to apply concepts to real-life presentation situations
  • Individual videotaped feedback and coaching on application of concepts
  • Continuous post-program telephone and e-mail support for all participants