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Enhancing Leadership Presence provides participants with specific, targeted videotape feedback and coaching on the application and aptitude of The Complete Approach® Methodology that fortifies leadership presence. Areas of strength and areas of additional acumen will be identified and specific coaching on how to enhance, improve or maintain optimal leadership presence will be provided (the range between what is comfortable and what is possible or needed).

The coaching and feedback process used is rooted in each participant's internal urgency. This allow for and supports longevity and sustainability of all reinforcement, enhancements, and improvements.


The program is designed to encourage participants to see the strategic and critical nature their presence plays during all interactions. Additionally, the program will:

  • Provide insight on the critical nature & value of being intentional
  • Create personal awareness to help minimize personal disparity
  • Help to close the gap between habits and full potential
  • Build Internal urgency towards desired impressions
  • Increase/reinforce self-awareness and confidence


  • 1-day; instructor-led program; in-person only
  • Maximum 10 participants - 5 participants in the AM / 5 participants in the PM
  • Continuous post-program telephone and e-mail support for all participants