Fred Verhey

Fred Verhey


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Fred Verhey is a Principal and Co-Founder of The Complete Approach LLC, a strategic communications consulting company. Fred has over 30 years of experience helping organizations communicate strategic corporate messages, determine the most effective ways to build employees' understanding and acceptance of company-wide initiatives and build leaders' acumen and acuity in the area of strategic communications.

For the past 18 years, Fred has helped Fortune 1000 companies achieve their business goals through strategic communication solutions based on The Complete Approach® Methodology.

The Complete Approach® Methodology provides leaders and organizations the communication strategies, processes and tools that will enable them to communicate business critical information to internal and external audiences that ultimately drive business success.

Fred's expertise includes providing optimum communication solutions by consulting with and coaching senior-level executives, managing consulting projects and designing strategic communication plans. He also speaks regularly on the power of strategic leadership communications in preparing organizations to execute business strategies. Fred has consulted with and coached leaders at a number of corporations including:

Adobe Systems
Bank of America
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Charles Schwab, Inc.
Consumer Bankers Association
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
JP Morgan Chase

PNC Bank
Procter & Gamble
Synopsys, Inc.
TD Ameritrade
US Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
Yahoo! Inc.

Fred has a degree in Economics and continues to study leadership and organizational communications.

References provided upon request.