Strategic Communications for Technical Professionals

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Enhances the way technical professionals communicate complex content and data to technical and non-technical audiences to drive specific business results.

Strategic Communications for Technical Professionals provides individuals with The Complete Approach® methodology when preparing, delivering and sustaining their technical communications.


Technical professionals will be well organized, clear, concise, audience-focused and authentic when communicating technical information. Specifically, each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the intuitive communication process that helps audiences understand and accept technical information
  • Assess and address audience needs and interests to ensure audience-focused messages
  • Incorporate audience-first thinking when organizing and preparing technical presentations
  • Develop and incorporate appropriate visual support to maximize impact of technical content
  • Understand and choose the most effective communication channels for building audience support and willing participation
  • Incorporate guidelines and protocols to increase the effectiveness of their e-mail, face-to-face and telephone communications
  • Develop a Personal Communication Standard that supports audience-focused, consistent and authentic communications
  • Understand the role one's vocal and visual behaviors play when communicating technical information
  • Create and use questions to stimulate interaction and receive feedback
  • Learn and apply specific techniques in order to maintain control while handling difficult or challenging interactions


Participants should bring examples of current, real-life technical information they plan on communicating after the program. The program will be used to help the participant prepare a plan for communicating and interacting with the audience, practice the actual communication and receive individual feedback and coaching.


  • Two-day program for a maximum of 12 participants
  • Interactive discussions and individual and group exercises to apply the principles and tools learned to real-life technical communication situations
  • Video feedback and private, one-on-one coaching
  • Continuous post-program telephone and e-mail support for all participants