Strategic Change Communications

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Enhances the way leaders, managers and individual contributors plan and communicate business strategies, initiatives and change efforts to internal audiences to meet or exceed business results.

Strategic Change Communications provides participants The Complete Approach® methodology for building a comprehensive and integrated communication strategy to support and sustain the successful implementation of change.


Participants will learn to be strategic, intentional, audience-focused and credible in preparing their organization to execute business strategy and change initiatives. Specifically, each participant will be able to apply communication strategies, processes and tools to:
  • Understand the role of strategic communications as it pertains to the credibility of organizational change
  • Understand the four key definitions impacted audiences need at the beginning of and throughout any change
  • Manage the impacted audience's perceptions of change
  • Learn how to create a communication plan that incorporates the key components that motivate audiences to engage and participate in change
  • Assess and address employee needs, interests and concerns prior to communicating
  • Choose the most effective communication channels for building audience support and willing participation
  • Develop a Personal Communication Standard that supports employee-focused, consistent and authentic communications
  • Incorporate effective guidelines and protocols for requesting and giving feedback
  • Understand how to prepare for and stimulate intentional conversations
  • Understand and learn how to manage the difference between intellectual and emotional interactions


Participants should bring information supporting a business initiative or change effort that they need to communicate after the program. The program will be used to help participants prepare a communication plan, messages and timetable that will support audience engagement and action towards their change.


  • One-day program for up to 20 participants
  • Interactive discussions, individual and group exercises and in-room coaching and feedback on the real-life application of strategies, processes, and tools learned throughout the program
  • Continuous post-program telephone and e-mail support for all participants