One-on-One Development and Coaching

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Strategic communications is a key competency that has a profound and lasting impact on an individual's overall career management capabilities. Our One-on-One Development and Coaching process provides individuals with The Complete Approach® methodology when preparing, delivering and sustaining their business communications, enabling them to be effective, credible and strategic communicators.


The individual will be strategic, audience-focused, intentional and credible when communicating ideas to any audience. Specifically, the individual will be able to:

  • Understand the intuitive communication process that helps audiences understand and accept new ideas
  • Assess and address audience needs and interests to ensure audience-focused messages
  • Incorporate audience-first thinking when organizing business critical information
  • Develop and incorporate appropriate visual support to maximize impact
  • Develop a Personal Communication Standard that supports audience-focused, consistent and authentic communications
  • Understand the role one's vocal and visual behaviors play when presenting information
  • Learn and apply specific techniques in order to maintain control while handling difficult or challenging interactions
  • Create and use questions to stimulate interaction and receive feedback
  • Understand and choose the most effective communication channel for building audience support and willing participation


Our One-on-One Development and Coaching process includes:

  • Assessment of the individual's communication needs including assets and challenges
  • The Complete Approach® Strategic Communication Toolkit — a set of intuitive communication tools for planning, executing and sustaining business communications
  • Interactive discussions of best practices and application to real-life business-critical information followed by real-time coaching and feedback
  • Identification of a long-term, sustainable Development Plan
  • On-going e-mail and telephone support following the development project
  • Optional based on the individual's specific needs, shadowing and observing the individual in a variety of communication situations

Our Development and Coaching process begins with a minimum of 8 hours. This initial session will provide the individual with The Complete Approach® methodology tailored to their needs. Additional sessions will be based on client need and request.