Having Your Voice

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Having Your Voice is an interactive and consultative program for women in business based on The Complete Approach® methodology. This program, through the use of best-practice communication processes and behaviors, improves three critical professional characteristics: strengthening organizational presence, demonstrating business maturity and making strategic choices vs. reacting to day-to-day communication situations.

Having Your Voice provides a distinct look at the specific ways in which women in business can develop or enhance their personal brand and the professional standards that will support their full potential as individual contributors, managers and leaders. Those who attend will develop and/or refine their preparation and behavioral and interaction standards which will become the cornerstone of all their forthcoming communications. Learning is maximized through interactive discussions and with the application of communication processes, tools and behaviors using real-life business-critical situations.


Individuals will learn the key underpinnings that become the basis for all tactical communication decisions. Specifically, each participant will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between what you can change and what you should manage during business communications
  • Create a Personal Brand
  • Learn to manage or change audience perceptions
  • Incorporate Four Strategic Principles
  • Assess and address audience needs to ensure audience-focused messages
  • Translate business-critical information into the language of the audience
  • Support proper channel selection to increase overall success of message
  • Stimulate interactions that build engagement during and after communicating
  • Manage difficult conversations to ensure candid, honest interactions


Each participant is required to bring current business-critical information that they are planning to communicate after the program. The program will help each participant prepare for and practice delivering this communication.


  • One-day program for up to 20 participants
  • Interactive discussions, individual and group exercises and in-room coaching and feedback on the real-life application of strategies, processes and tools learned throughout the program
  • Continuous, post-program telephone and e-mail support for all participants