Efficient Business Communications

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Based on The Complete Approach® methodology, Efficient Business Communications helps individuals use their available time more efficiently when preparing, executing and sustaining their daily face-to-face, telephone and electronic business communications.


Individuals will be efficient, well organized and audience-focused when communicating ideas through any communication channel. Specifically, each participant will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of efficient communications to ensure all business communications are clear, well-defined, purposeful and expedient
  • Use simple, yet consistent communication processes and tools to quickly focus and organize information based on their audience, communication purpose and outcome
  • Choose the right communication channels for building awareness, understanding, support and engagement
  • Apply guidelines to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business e-mails, telephone calls and meetings
  • Enhance credibility and professionalism by developing a Personal Communication Standard for efficient communications
  • Use key vocal and visual behaviors to enhance credibility and professionalism


Participants should bring to the program examples of ideas they need to communicate. During the program, these examples will be used to practice applying the tools and skills learned to real-life interactions.


  • Half-day program for up to 20 participants
  • Interactive discussion and individual and group exercises to practice applying principles, tools and skills to real-life business communication situations
  • Continuous, post-program telephone and e-mail support to all participants