Victoria Verhey


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With over 25 years of experience, Victoria Verhey is considered a leader in strategic communications consulting. Working with Fortune 1000 clients, she provides strategic communications solutions which emphasize the power and pivotal role audience-focused, compelling, consistent and explicit communications play in business today.

As a Principal of The Complete Approach LLC, Victoria has established industry best practices to ensure that leader, manager and individual contributor communications drive business results. She does this by specializing in two significant developmental areas: organizational change communications and individual communications coaching.

Victoria speaks regularly on the power of face-to-face and virtual communications, what components are necessary to build audience understanding and engagement towards organizational messages and the crucial need for strong, sound and credible leadership communications.

Additionally, she provides consulting to women in leadership roles on the impact strategic communications can have on their executive presence and perception.

Prior to founding The Complete Approach LLC, Victoria founded Lahaderne Communications, a San Francisco-based communications consulting firm, and managed and grew strategic communication consulting practices for Decker Communications, Provant, Inc. and Novations Group.

References provided upon request.